About Us

Bringing The Hamptons to Australia

Hamptons Style Interiors is inspired by a love of calming coastal vibes and the opportunity to help Australian families find their own version of the aesthetic, and create beautiful living spaces of their own.

A Hamptons style community

The team at Hamptons Style Interiors love the classic and coastal simplicity of the Hamptons inspired furniture and interior design.

The owner , Tanya was inspired to start her business by her own appreciation of all things architecture, home, furniture and design that come from the timeless styles created Long Island, New York, USA.

“True Hamptons style delivers timeless design and the classic, relaxed feel of muted colours and natural textures that encapsulate premium coastal living. This look is wonderful in The Hamptons and a beautiful fit for our own Australian lifestyles.”

Tanya , Owner 

French design, reimagined

Hamptons style is an American reimagining of the French interior design styles Baroque, Rococo and Empire.

The interiors and furnishings of true Hamptons style homes are usually light, bright and whitewashed with a sophisticated, yet beachy vibe. The overall effect is to create living moods that are effortless and calming.

The Hamptons in Perth

Tanya, her family, and their team are excited to be bringing authentic Hamptons Style furniture, and homewares to Perth, WA, and Australia.

Browse our inspired collections online, or visit our showrooms, where Hamptons devotees will find new inspirations, and those new to the style will understand the appeal and the natural charm offered by this gorgeous design direction.

Your own Hamptons style

Hamptons style can bring calm sophistication and coastal style into your home, thanks to the easy, cruisy and calming coastal feels. 

There’s just so much to love about the style of the Hamptons that works so perfectly here in Australia. We love it, and we’re happy to help you discover your own unique version of the Hamptons style.

Our commitment is to help you create the Hamptons style that’s right for your home and family. Whether that’s inspired by the beach architecture of Long Island, the lifestyles of Gatsby and the New York elite, or a simple desire to create calm and classic living spaces based on relaxed tones and light, bright spaces.